Hellooo!! Here's a bit about me:

I play the cello and the double bass. I also sing.  My perpetual curiosity has led me to investigate jazz, classical, experimental and Korean traditional music. My interests and musical goals lie in notions of digging deep into the body, movement led technique and noisy catharsis.

I am involved in several ongoing collaborations including Folx (with Will Gilbert and Dom Robinson), Napology (with Godriguez, Finn Ryan and Hannah Czaban) and my trio featuring Simon Barker and Carl Dewhurst.

Along with collaborative groups I have been fortunate enough to play with many established ensembles and artists including the Australian Art Orchestra, Ensemble Offspring, The Drip Hards, Wartime Sweethearts, The Whitlams, Bae Il Dong, Matt Keegan, Jon Rose, and Bae Il Dong.

I also study and work in audio and acoustic design at Sydney University. My sound designs and artworks have been featured in both theatrical settings and galleries in Australia, the Middle East, USA and Europe.

If you would like to get in touch please contact me at: rapp.mary@gmail.com


“... electrify one's central nervous system on first listening” Sydney Morning Herald

“Rapp had an instinct for being taciturn and pithy; for making the music gossamer light or adding phenomenal weight and vigour, using extraordinarily few notes” Sydney Morning Herald

“Mary Rapp creates the freshest, most intriguing and joyful music making I've experienced in yearsCameron Undy, musician and creator /owner of 505 Jazz Club

Mary is exactly the kind of musician we are on the look out for, she can play heavy notated music, create startling improvisations and is interested in everything.” Peter Knight, Creative Director of Australian Art Orchestra

“Mary Rapp is one of the most exciting and emerging talents in Australia. I haven't in over 40 years of international experience come across a musician of Mary's caliber.” Cultural Icon, Jon Rose